Forming Fabrics

  • 1.5 Layer Forming Fabrics

    1.5 Layer Forming Fabrics

    Polyester 1.5 layer forming fabrics are woven in 10 shed design with similar structure of double layer forming fabrics, used mainly in the production of brown paper grades (board papers, liner & corrugated papers).

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  • Triple Layer Forming Fabrics

    Triple Layer Forming Fabrics

    Triple layer forming fabrics have two independent single layer forming fabrics bound together by separated yarns. In the forming side, the yarns have a small diameter to increase the fiber support index. In the wear side, cross direction yarns have…

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  • 2.5 Layer Forming Fabrics

    2.5 Layer Forming Fabrics

    Polyester 2.5 layer forming fabrics are also known as support shute double layer forming fabrics or double layer extra designs. It's a standard double layer design with an extra shute yarn added on the forming side between the 2 regular…

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  • Double Layer Forming Fabrics

    Double Layer Forming Fabrics

    This is the standard type of double layer forming fabric which are mainly used for the manufacture of fine tissue papers. The improved fiber support decrease the pulp fibers penetration into the fabric and meanwhile reduce the drainage.

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  • Single Layer Forming Fabrics

    Single Layer Forming Fabrics

    Single layer forming fabrics are a compromise between paper making characteristics and long life time. They are woven in 4 shed, 5 shed and 8 shed for different paper grades. According to their weaving shed, polyester single layer forming fabrics…

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