WOVEXX is a professional manufacturer of paper machine clothing for the pulp and paper industry. We are committed to help paper makers improve the formation, dewatering, pressing and drying of paper sheets through the paper making process. Paper machine clothing is critical to the quality of a paper and the performance of a paper machine. We bulid up valuable experience and reputation in the manufacture of forming fabrics, dryer fabrics and press felts ...

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Forming Fabrics

The forming fabric must drain large volumes of water in a short time, support the filbers on the surafce to form the sheet of paper and transport the sheet from the headbox to the press section.


Dryer Fabrics

Dryer fabric or screen for paper making is open, air-permeable structure usually made from synthetic mono-filaments and fibers. They could be woven or spiral types made of round or rectangular yars with variable air permeability.


Press Felts

The primary function of press felt is to provide resilient, permeable support for the sheet in the nip to maximize water removal. The structure by type could be BOB felts, single layer BOM felts and multi-layer BOM felts.